Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired

April 28, 2016 - 10:51am -- scornwell

Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired is an agency providing financial assistance to low income deaf and hard of hearing residents to assist in the purchase or repair of hearing aids, and to provide assistive devices, hearing tests, ear molds, and other necessities. This agency works with local hearing aid dealers and suppliers to provide hearing aids to those who qualify for their assistance. 

This organization was started by a group of parents who had deaf children. At that time, there were no support groups available to help them with the challenges they faced. Banding together, and through their selfless efforts, Parents and Friends for the Hearing Impaired, Inc. became a reality. They began offering sign language classes to those who had deaf family members, and they also assisted with the purchase of educational materials geared for the deaf and hearing impaired. 

For example, Shane is deaf and has been assisted by Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired. According to him, "I needed smoke alarms with a strobe flasher in my bedroom and in living room so my apartment would be safer for me and my son. The Parents and Friends helped me purchase these items".