O'Neill Senior Center

May 02, 2016 - 10:46am -- scornwell

Last month the O'Neill Center was approached by a family in Noble County. Their 88 year old mother, Mary, lives in Waterford in the house she's owned for 50 plus years. She lost her husband in 2014 and is now alone. A few months ago, Mary had a bad fall while at home and ended up doing rehab for awhile until she was discharged back home. The family was reluctant to leave her in home for fear the same thing could happen, or worse. When they reached out to O'Neill, they were looking for resources to help them keep Mary at home for as long as possible. The family decided to enroll her in the Adult Day Center. The Day Center Manager coordinated with the Transportation Department and together they were able to work out a schedule for Mary that included her attending Monday through Friday. The transportation driver was able to use the handicap accessible lift on the van to get her on and off safely and escorted right to her front door. In addition, the transportation department also escorts Mary to her local Dr. appointments. The family was able to coordinate care in the home on the hours when she wasn't attending the Day Center. This whole coordination of efforts has enabled Mary to remain in her home.