Ely Chapman Education Foundation

March 30, 2016 - 10:18am -- scornwell

The following is an update on a student that has been on a full scholarship for the past two years. This student's family situation is not good, her mother has a serious brain disorder that requires frequent trips to Cleveland Clinic and this student has the same problem, only at a stage 1. Recently there was a string of no school due to weather days. On the third day, Blizzard Bag #2 was assigned. (Blizzard bags are work assigned to the student, which takes place of one missed day). Students must complete the entire blizzard bag, including PE/Music/Art or they get an 'unexcused' absence and a zero in all classes for the day.) This girl made it to the ECEF on the third day with her Blizzard Bag already downloaded from the school's website. She immediately got to work on the academic portion on the blizzard bag and completed it quickly. Then she took part in all Snow Day Camp activities, including some fun relay races which forced her to stretch and move in ways that are uncomfortable due to her medical issue. This student had a great day, completed all her academic work and had a great time-interacting with other children instead of staying home watching TV or being on the computer.