The Betsey Mills Club

June 03, 2016 - 10:42am -- scornwell

One of many things the Betsey Mills Club has to offer is dormitory living for women. This can be for short term or long term. A woman from China came to stay at The Betsey. She was a student at Marietta College about three years ago, and wanted to come back to the college to visit. Many, many emails were exchanged about two months before she submitted her application as well as all of the information she needed before staying here. When she finally moved in, The Betsey Mills Club fell in love with her! She was a pleasant, wonderful woman! She provided The Betsey with lots of fascinating information about China and what the daily life is like there. She even made a special dinner consisting of Chinese food for some of the staff at The Betsey one evening after work. This lady stayed for about four months and then went back home to China. Because she did not have a car and couldn't seem to find anyone she knew that was available to take her to Columbus, OH for her flight back home, The Betsey was able to find someone who was trustworthy to take her there. For that, she was genuinely grateful.